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I started showing and breeding Newfoundlands over 30 years ago. During that time, my parents purchased their first Clumber spaniel, Casey. We had grown up with Sporting dogs but the Clumber soon became their "favorite" and they added Jäger, Beau, and then Bailey and Progee to their family. I showed their Clumbers to their Canadian Championships. As I spend so much time with their dogs, I absolutely fell in love with the breed. I started searching for my own Clumber. I knew the "type" I wanted, and after much research, went to Clussexx Clumber Spaniels where I got Arthur. Then we added Dominique and Neveah to our family, also from Clussexx. I bred my fist littler of Clumbers in 2008 which produced Copper. I started showing Copper at 6 months old. He had achieved beyond my dreams from my first Tricklecreek litter. Since then we have produced several top Clumber Spaniels in Canada who have achieved numerous BIS, BISS,  BPIS, BPIG and over 250 group placements.


 It's been over 25 years since our first Clumber came into our family’s life. My beloved Newfs taught me so much about being a conscience breeder which I have channeled into breeding the Clumbers. I also have great mentors in the breed with my friends from Clussexx, Doug, Jamie and Jeane.


Health Testing & Breeding

Tricklecreek is dedicated to producing Clumber Spaniels that are sound and to the breed standard, while ensuring temperament, structure, longevity and health the main priorities. Clumbers Spaniels are a rare breed so the gene pool is limited for breeders to plan our breeding programs. When planning a breeding, I analyze each dog’s attributes including their structure and heath test results to see if they will be a compatible pair to advance the breed.


I have submitted DNA samples to the CSCA DNA Bank at the University of Missouri. The DNA bank already facilitated the development of the PDP1 test. I am very proud to have my dogs DNA in the bank of over 400 Clumbers to help researchers study IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia) and hemangiosarcoma, as well as the study for intervertebral disc disease.


The health of this breed is very important to me and to the future of the Clumber spaniel.



Since the very beginning, I have had one goal. To produce a sound, healthy Clumber spaniel with the intelligence, instinct, and sweet temperament to be a superb companion dog. In keeping with this goal, our planned breedings are well thought out. My Clumbers are active and highly intelligent loving companions that retain their natural instincts and abilities. All of the litters are home-raised and well socialized. Tricklecreek will help to select the right puppy for you and your family with your activity level in mind, and your goals for your new family member, whether it is a family pet or show champion.


Our puppies come with a health certificate from our Veterinarian confirming their overall health is excellent, including their hearts, eyes and structure. All puppies have their first set of vaccines and a record card. They have a temperament and structure evaluation done at 8 weeks old by a professional puppy evaluator. Our puppies come with a health guarantee against genetic defects. They are registered with the Canadian Kennel club and come with their five generation pedigree and a comprehensive information package.


I encourage people to spend time on the Canadian Clumber Spaniel Club and the Clumber Spaniel Club of America websites to learn about the breed. Both these sites have a vast amount of information on their structure, temperaments, health issues, and their hunting instincts. I am happy to answer any question about Tricklecreek Clumber Spaniels.

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